Laser Etched Ashtray I Made It at Techshop.

this is a short how to so you can see how easy it is...I made it at techshop.

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Step 1: Gather Your Image

Set up your image for printing...Image can be transfered from almost any program as long as it has a print feature.

Step 2: Select Print

Select print from you programs file tab...This will transfer the image to the laser cutter..

Step 3: Line Up Your Art Work

This is an important step... use the proprietary laser interface to line up your image on the bed of laser where your image is placed

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

Click on the settings tab to input materials,thickness and intensity of the laser. Close lid on the laser

Step 5: Make Things Happen..

Close the lid of the laser hit the play button on screen and BAM watch the laser goto work...

Step 6: Finished

Open lid remove Ash try and thats it!!!

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