Laser Etched Glass Tumbler I Made It at Techshop..

Introduction: Laser Etched Glass Tumbler I Made It at Techshop..

A 12 oz glass tumbler laser etched ...

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Step 1: Import Artwork

Bring in art work from almost any other photo or art program...i elect not to use a vector file on this ....Its better to use a vector file....corel draw or Photoshop illustrator are the two most widely used...

Step 2: Place the Rotary Attachment in the Bed of the Laser Cutter

Place the rotary and the glass in the laser cutter...Only do this with the cutter OFF. Reason being so the rotary doesnt cause a power surge clamp the mug in the rotary device you can tape it in pl;ace to make sure the glass doesn't slide...Plug the dvi plug in and turn on the machine..

Step 3: Hit the Green Button

set the setting for thickness of the glass and circumference of the vessel hit the green button and watch the magic happen..

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