Laser + Glitter = Red Galaxy + Party

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Laser light + Glitters makes wonders. It works on the principal of Diffuse Reflection.

Want to see red galaxy in your room just switch off the light and switch on the laser light.

U can also make party lights very cheaply.

(Two projects in this project, second continue after the first one)

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials and Tools Meeded

1) Plastic ball.

2) Glitter pack

3) Fevicol (Glue).

4) Laser Light (I use my small age laser light, Remove the batteries and give external power supply for continuous light use)

5) Double side tape

6) Fan (use to vibrate the ball)

7) scissors.

8) Any bottler of object to paste the ball.

Step 2: Prepare the Ball

1) Apply Fevicol all over the ball fully (left one side top portion to paste it), While doing this switch off the fan to delay drying..

2) Sprinkle Glitter over the ball. Balls stick with Glitter. Sprinkle more glitters to increase the density of coating.

3) Allow it to dry.

4) After dry tap the ball on the floor to remove excess glitters from the ball. Now the ball is ready for the show

Step 3: Set the Location

1) Stick the double sided tape on the glitter free area in the ball.

2) Paste the glitter ball on the top of a used shampoo bottle filled with water.

3) While paste make sure only small area of the double side tape stick in the bottle head. This only allow the ball to vibrate while fan runs.

4) Fix the laser using double side tap on the wall and focus a side of ball.

Step 4: See the Result


1) Now switch off the light and switch on the fan.

2) This vibrates the ball in the table.

3) 1st image can't able to see the light with flash in my phone camera but able to see the setup.

4) switch of the light and lets party. (Actually it looking amazing on the walls when compare to the camera).

Step 5: Materials Needed for Party Light

Materials needed

1) Plastic Balls.

2) Big size Glitters with good reflection.

3) Laser Light.

4) Double Side tape.

5) Fevicol (Gum)

6) Fan

Step 6: Paste Glitters

1) Apply Glue to the 50% of the ball.

2) Sprinkle glitters to the ball and spread it like cover all over the surface.

3) Allow it to dry.

Step 7: Finishing and Party

1) Apply Double Side sticker on the plan surface of the ball.

2) Paste the other portion on the center of the fan. Paste it fully so it cant vibrate or fall down while fan rotating.

3) Fix the laser on the wall and focus the fan.(if three lasers from three sides its cover full room).

4) Now switch on the fan and regulate the rotation very very slowly (Fast rotation shows no result).

5) Switch of the lights and now see the party room.(My camera cant able to take the light because of the intensity of light is low).

Change the glitters size and laser size make nice effects.



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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    It's all fun and games until someone burns their retinas.


    3 years ago

    Looks very pretty but mind you laser beams falling directly in the eyes can cause irreversible damage.