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Introduction: Laser Gun - Steampunk

Laser gun made for cosplay, laser tag, shooting gallery, etc. Steampunk theme.

Step 1: Dish Removal

I found a camera flash with a dish. I removed the dish from the rest of the flash. Dremeled off the bulb so that it could sit flat and open up the middle.

Step 2: Gun Stock

I used a Daisy Pop Gun. I removed the plastic stock and used it as a template to saw a wooden one. I took out part of the front of the stock for where I'll wire the trigger. I drilled holes to attach the stock.

Step 3: Wiring the Trigger

Hollowed out some space in the stock to where the front of the stock could fit better with the remaining internal components of the pop gun. I drilled a hole from the bottom to the hollow for the wiring. Using the spring from the pop gun trigger I attached it to a push switch. Soldered wires to the switch and stapled the switch and wires into the stock. This took a lot of trial and error with the switch. Not shown here was I eventually had to shrink wrap the spring to the switch so it wouldn't slide, probably partially melted it too. Also not shown, the wires are several feet long, I left them long for wiring everything. I then stained and sealed the stock. I fed the wire up through the lever action and down past the trigger. The spring is resting on a hook coming from the trigger.

Step 4: Gun Barrel

I sanded down the gun a little, then spray painted it with a textured paint. Took a copper pipe coupler and drilled a hole in the smaller section. The hole aligns with the opening on the bottom of the gun barrel. Cut a section of copper pipe the length of the barrel. Drilled a hole to match the barrel and coupler and secured it to the barrel using the...screw clamps? The wiring from the stock will go through these holes. Secured the coupler in the pipe holder and placed inside the barrel. The holder is screwed into the barrel and also tucked under the first screw clamp.

Step 5: "clip" Attachment

I used a medicine bottle. Made a hole in the bottom and dremeled down the sides so it would sit on the barrel. I taped up the bottle and attached it to the barrel. It covers up the back end of the copper pipe. Using copper wire I wrapped around the bottle to add some decoration.

Step 6: Focusing Dish

I soldered a small copper pipe coupler to a shorter piece of copper pipe. I hot glued the pipe to the dish. Using a smaller section of pipe I solder a small piece of pipe to the end of the larger piece. I drilled a hole in the main dish pipe around 2/3 of the way up. I used 3 pieces of pipe to attach to the middle pipe. I cut the ends of those 3 pipes at an angle and drilled a hole in each. Using copper wire I strung the 3 copper sections to the middle pipe. I bent these pipes behind the dish and secured them to the dish. I twisted the 3 pipes around and positioned them for attachment to the gun. I then inserted a laser diode into the end of the dish. (After having to replace the diode multiple times I eventually secured the laser using copper wire, much less accurate but it didn't have to worry about breaking from crimping it or the pipe bending).

Step 7: Wiring Gun and Dish

Don't have a good picture of this but, the wires from the trigger feed in the medicine bottle clip. One wire goes into the copper pipe under the barrel while the other comes out the bottom of the bottle to what will be the power pack. The wire in the pipe feeds through the holes at the end of the barrel into the coupler. Solder to one of the laser wire. Feed another wire through to the laser and solder. This wire will also lead to the power pack. Once wires are soldered and pushed in and attached the dish to the gun barrel. On mine, 2 of the dish pipes bend into the copper pipe on the barrel, while the other lays on top and is secured with the screw clamp and wrapped with wire to add decoration.

Step 8: Power Pack and Finishing Touches.

Used a project box. Attached an electrical plate to the top and cut out a hole to match the plate. Cut a section out of the front for the switch board. Found a 3 toggle switch board. Screwed it in. Insert cable wrap into the electrical plate on the box and into the bottom of the medicine bottle. Feed the wires through the wrap into the box. Solder the wires to the switch board. I have it so 1 switch turns on the lights for the switch board and the other turns on the trigger/laser. I added a strap to the power box so I can wear it over the shoulder. I used a door stop for a monopod. Attach a scope to the top (plan on switching it out later for a more steampunk looking scope). Added gears to the stock. Its powered using a 9V battery. I plan on adding some other decoration to is, especially to the power box.

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    2 years ago

    That's a really fun and unique design! Awesome work :)