Laser Marking Samurai Swords

Introduction: Laser Marking Samurai Swords

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Check out how we mark 2 Samurai Swords with the Hattori Hanzo logo from the film Kill Bill!

We use a CO2 laser on one sword, and a Fiber laser on the other with the same machine to demonstrate the Speedy 300 flexx's amazing ability.

Step 1: Converting the Logo to Black and White

Find the Hattori Hanzo logo online then copy and paste it onto Corel Draw.

Zoom in and you'll find greyscale around the image because it's basically RBB greyscale. What we want is is the image to be in black and white.

To convert to black and white press Bitmaps → Mode → Black and White → Line Art

Left click on the left window and you'll see the preview of the conversion on the right hand side.

You can adjust the Threshold setting if you want to darken or lighten the image. Press OK.

Step 2: Converting to Vector Form

To convert to vector form press Trace Bitmap → Outline Trace → Line Art

You can get rid of any double lining by sliding Detail downwards.

Remember you can get rid of anything you don't want.

If you click and drag the image to the right you'll see the new form and the original on the left. Delete the original.

Step 3: Keeping the Right Image

Huzzah! You are done setting the image to black and white AND vector form. You're amazing.

Now you need to measure the area that you want your image on.

We're using the LMM-6000 Black for Metal to coat one samurai sword to allow the CO2 laser source to make a mark on the sword.

Shake up the can then do a quick coat on the area you wish to engrave.

Step 4: Controlling the CO2 Laser

Since you are using 2 laser sources the way we will control the lasers are with color.

Black will be CO2.

Send over the CO2 laser image to the Job Control software.

Select the image, size it down to the size desired (we did 3/4 inch) and because the head of the logo is to be facing West on the sword, rotate the image 90 degrees.

Select the logo, go to File → Print → select Trotec Engraver for printer.

Press Preference Settings and adjust the length and width to your size needs (we did 1.29 x 0.8) then press My Settings → Engrave for Black.

Now for black set the Power to 100 and Speed to 30 and press OK.

Next press Layout → Re position to Center of Page → OK

Step 5: Controlling the Fiber Laser

Red will be for fiber.

Change black to red by pressing Edit → Find and Replace → Replace Objects → Replace a Color. Set Find to Black and R to 0, G to 0 and B to 0 Set Replace to Red and R to 255, G to 0 and B to 0 Press OK → Finish → Replace All

Now select ghd logo, press File → Print and do a similar process to how you adjusted the CO2 laser but this time we change Black to Skip and for Red choose Engrave FLP.

Set Power to 100, Speed to 10 and Hertz to 20,000 then press OK.

Step 6: Positioning the Swords and Prepping the Machine

In this lesson we are using two samurai swords in one Speedy 300 flexx laser machine at the same time but with two separate lasers, one CO2 and one fiber.

Due to this amount we need to make sure that both swords are at an equal level when placed inside the machine.

You can use a roll of tape like we did or anything available (as long as it does not create a safety hazard).

As for the machine using the flexx lens will be the best as it allows you to do both CO2 and fiber consecutively!

Step 7: Setting Up the Location

Open Job Control.

First Sword

Place the physical laser head right over the center of where you want your logo to be. For us, we did 1 and 1/4 inch from all sides.

Now back to Job Control, create a marker using the F8 key then move the laser head down.

Second Sword

Do the same as you did for the first sword. This will leave you with two markers and one laser head, all not touching.

Snap the corresponding images to the markers, set up the flexx lens, close the machine lid and press start!

Step 8: Clean Up

After watching the experiencing the magic of engraving wipe the swords with a damp towel when it's safe to reveal your shiny samurai swords! Have fun and don't hurt anyone.

Written by: Zina Aahmed

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9 Discussions


4 years ago

Just one problem - cheapest trotec laser you can get is almost 80K and the cheaper of their brand Rayjet costs 24K
So seriously...... this is hardly craft or Maker worthy


Reply 4 years ago

We have a the Speedy 300(I'm actually sitting right next to it as I type) and I know that it was only about $24K according to my bosses.

The only thing is that I wouldn't be able to fit a full sized kitana into my machine.


Reply 3 years ago

Well a speedy 100 here in Australia would cost 73K
I have the quote still - so the 300 in Aus. must be round 250K I'd guess..

Trotec Laser Canada
Trotec Laser Canada

Reply 4 years ago

Hi Ron, that is completely incorrect. The Rayjet starts at 13k CAD and
the Speedy 100 starts at 18k CAD, in Canada. Plus we offer financing options for makers
and educators. We sell to MakerSpaces and Fablabs around the world. What country are you in?


Reply 3 years ago

Well then the Australian agents must have a higher margin then yours - I like the trotec machines but here in Aus. they are just too expensive for the hobbyist.


4 years ago

HOLY KILL BILL that cool as heck!!!


4 years ago

there's a dragon, right on the blade!