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Coherent light beam
In addition, each 1200mw Laser Pen Shops is a coherent beam, which therefore is more visible and defined very well. This is contrary to, for example, the light from a flashlight, which can never produce such a narrow beam. In general, the visible laser beams are much more visible than other light beams.As above, we equally have given instance, you can match a lasso or you letters or entire words games. In the dark and with the right settings on your camera, you can create fun effects. So you can use different colors laser pens make a word or drawing, they capture on camera and doing are so amazed your friends.You could set up your own laser pointer show with various shapes, sizes and color lasers. Typically, the blue, green, purple, and of course the red laser pen part of it. They are the most popular and most common colors, but also give you the desired effect festive. Together with your friends you can certainly imagine how to make a laser show even more enjoyable. Right. By one to choreograph all by himself.The laser pointer may not have as officieuse recreational purpose that is put in. Yet all of it can be done. Let your imagination run wild and we are sure that you can enjoy yourself with the above. Maybe you'll even be a better idea. That may, of course, we hope in any case that you have a lot of fun. Success!If there is cause to focus on the eyes of a person, can laser pointer with key 50mW green temporary vision disturbances. There is some evidence of rare-less permanent damage, but low-power laser pointer is not a serious health risk. You can see a big nuisance in certain circumstances. A point may be adopted in the light of a red laser pointer that gunsight.When a laser aimed at aircraft in the night, then blinding laser pointer and mislead pilots and increasingly stringent laws were to take to prohibit this.

Tricks with laser pens

The green 200mw laser pointer is popular among youth. You can be far along shine on objects, but you can also do neat tricks with it. This allows you to achieve certain effects, but you can also through-via shine. The laser pointer is not only for the designation of certain information or measurement of objects, surfaces and other issues in construction. Lasers can be very useful, but also recreational fun. So you can visually mimic many things with a laser light. Think of a lasso in the dark or represent certain characters. As long as your imagination allows you to try it for sure.Green laser pointers are the fiercest and strongest laser pens of all. They can appear easy kilometers and then you will see a clear ray. All our green laser pen come from professional factories that produce the best quality laser pens. You are rest assured that you are buying quality at a fair price. A green laser pointer buy is at our very easily and the next day free delivery.100% Brand New, direct factory, stock, Baotuibaohuan all problems within 30 days, one year warranty, adjustable focus, successive output occasional bright spots.Do not indicate the eyes person or the animal with the laser pointer 5000mw , it is very dangerous. We accept no injury not take any responsibility!

The laser pointer is back with a vengeance. Was the first version especially an irritating weak green light for soccer fans tried to dazzle the forefront of the opponent or the referee. His successor, however, is a completely different planet. The wimpy trickle of previously evolved into a beast with a laser power of 2000 mW and a range of ten kilometers. At short distances such laser burns through plastic, wood, paper and many other materials around.Highly dangerous in the hands of suckers and malicious, but just for sale on the Internet. What is not these days? In our country the trade in it or banned, but do not hold such a torch crops from the clods. Only the use of laser pens with a very powerful and burning jet may lead to prosecution. A fine example of Dutch tolerance. Where our children now reaping the bitter fruits.The measured output power of this laser pointer is than 500 mW, is about 560 to 570 mW in the test. It can easily ignite within two meters of the games, even burning a plastic bag without laser spot on. The output is stable, integrated cooling circuit protection and the latest technology, the lifespan of the Super Laser Pointer Blue extended effectively. For better heat resistance, we used aircraft aluminum materials, high-quality laser diode, is very reliable high-power laser pointer for only € 65.86 .laserpen red 500mw Pen Shops

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