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Introduction: Laser Pointer Fun

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Our dog has tons of energy and always wants to play. However, play time can be exhausting to the humans of the house. We found out a few months ago that the dog loves to play ‘chase the red dot.’ Boredom leads to creativity, so we attached a laser pointer to her head with a bandana and small piece of tape. This kept her continuously occupied until we removed it after 20 minutes. I assume you could try this with a cat if you were daring enough – good luck with that.

Caution: Laser pointers (even low wattage versions like this) can cause eye injury. Verify that the laser pointer will never shoot into the dogs eyes. In lieu of tape over the switch, a failsafe approach could be used where the switch latch is released if the laser pointer is moved from the original position. In addition, NEVER leave the dog unattended with laser pointer attached to the head. Adult supervision required.

Step 1: Materials

  • Dog
  • Laser pointer
  • Head band or bandana
  • Tape

Step 2: Place a Piece of Tape Over the Lens of the Laser Pointer

Step 3: Use Tape to Hold Down the Laser Pointer Button

Step 4: Attach Laser Pointer

Attach laser pointer to dog. We used a bandana and a small piece of tape for extra support. I’m sure there are better ways than shown but this seemed to work for us. Another option would be make a contraption that holds it off the collar.

Step 5: Remove Lens Tape and Let the Entertainment Begin



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    This is SO terrible.. Yet hilarious... And ingenious. All at the same time

    OMG ... the thoughts of what would happen in our house if I did this..

    I need an instructable on dogie crash helmets...

    Thanks for posting !

    FAV'ed and Voted!!


    3 years ago

    If you want your house destroyed in a matter of minutes..... attach a laser to a hyper dogs head. That should have been your title LOL. I have 2 Weimaraners and this would not work. but would be entertaining.

    no. as you can buy laser pointers from pet shops and you don't have it on longer then 20 mins at a time

    You can say anything you want, but this is very cruel. Barbarian.

    "A dog is not a toy", as somebody said above.

    It Isn't cruel. Would doing the same to a cat be cruel? It is just their inquisitive nature being used for a little humor, nothing more than that.

    You can say anything you want, but this is very cruel. Barbarian.

    "A dog is not a toy", as somebody said above.

    So funny! Thanks for posting the video, your dog is adorable.

    You are so...... Freaking...... GENIUS YOU DA MAN BRO! YOU DA MAN!

    I have a Vizsla also he is obsessed with shadows, reflection and light. The only way to stop him is remove the source or the dog from the room. Continuing to do this to your dog could cause severe behavior and pyschological problems. This is NOT A GOOD IDEA it is CRUEL! Research it yourself. PLEASE TAKE DOWN THIS POST! Stop Torturing your Dog!

    1 reply

    I’m amazed what some people consider torture. One person told me having a dog in a fenced yard was awful. Another said dogs should never wear a collar. The kicker was the person that said even having a pet was immoral. I guess there is a full spectrum of beliefs for what is right or wrong.

    I’m sorry you have an OCD dog. However, I have researched this topic. In short, anecdotal evidence from a few bloggers that has been picked up by other bloggers isn’t the best way to draw a conclusion on a very complex subject. OCD is not fully understood in humans, let alone dogs.

    Lastly, I did see a funny comment during my research - “Blaming laser pointers for dogs going obsessive is like blaming cutlery for Rosie O'donnell being fat.”

    I LOVE IT!!! You obviously love your dog and I appreciate your good nature in the way you have addressed some of the mildly negative comments. My dogs all love the laser pointer and I cant wait to try this-but with my small home it will be outside for sure!

    1 reply

    Im in the group that thinks this is cruel and the type of material that does not improve the life of the animal or the reputation of the Instructables site