Laser Ring - Simplest Design (ring or Not)

For those who use laser pointer for presentation,

u may want to free your hand for controlling mouse, turn to some pages..... this laser ring can free your hand and even can control it properly with your other hand. I made some designs, and this it the one made from only electronic components.

+++++++++++++ Materials +++++++++++++++++

CR2025 or CR2032 battery and battery holder (not the insert type)

3V laser LED


+++++++++++++ how to make ++++++++++++++

Connect the negative terminal of the laser LED to the negative terminal of the battery holder with a wire. (prefer to use a thicker wire)

When u press the laser LED, the copper case of the LED will touch the metal component (positive) of the battery holder.

Use another wire to make a loop and solder to the bottom of the battery holder.

+++++++++++++ Why it is ring or not +++++++++++

I use a small PVC tubing as the ring and insert/ glued to the design, and hence it is a ring.

However, the design itself can insert to your ring and therefore it can also act as a laser module.




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    Mr AbAk

    4 years ago

    Nice Ible ....