Laser Security (Hidden Crying Laser)




Introduction: Laser Security (Hidden Crying Laser)

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Its very tight security, you can use in your home.

there is no need of any type of micro-controller. its only made by 555 timer IC.

you can set its distance between both device as per your required.

I caught this concept from Dhoom-2 movie, as the scene of "Antique sword robbery"

Step 1: Use Monostable Mode of 555 Timer & LDR Circuit

Monostable mode:- in this mode the 555 function as a "one-shot" pulse generator. Application includes timers, missing pulse detection, bounce free switches, touch switches, frequency divider, capacitance measurement, pulse width modulation and so on.

Ans use a LDR circuit. For laser operation.

Step 2: How to Be Set Output Delay Time

In monostable mode we can set delay time as per our requirement. with the help of resistor and capacitor,

Resistor is in ohm and capacitor is in farad.

there is a one formula for set output delay time. its very simple and easy.

Step 3: Interfacing and Main Circuit

This is full circuit diagram of laser security or can say 'Hidden crying laser'. you can make it easily. And use in your home. its very less costly and you can make it chargeable.

have a nice day. Be happy (:



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    I don' t really want to be critical but I do not really see an instructable here. No matter how nifty your design is, I am afraid it is a bit lost on the rest of us as the only thing you show is that if you hold your hand between two red boxes, an alarm sounds, which basically says: "hey laser trip wires work"

    You say you "dont need a microcontroller but only a 555". No doubt, but you might as well have said it is all done with 1 diode, we have to take your word for it.

    Obviously you put a lot of effort in it and made(?) a nice casing and your instructable would gain a lot if you showed a circuit or something. Now i am afraid people will have a look at yr instructable and move on

    9 replies

    dude, you are right it may be possible to a single diode, but how u can set time, for buzzer.
    its give a output trigger for 5 sec. in the form of SIREN

    I am sorry but I think you really didnt understand what I was saying.
    Let me rephrase it:
    You say "you no microcontroller necessary but only a 555"
    Well for all we know there might be a nuclear fusion reactor in the red box or a leprechaun pushing a switch. We dont know because you are not providing any circuit.
    Which makes this not an instructable but a showcase of "See what I can do and by the way I am not telling anybody how I did it"

    Agreed, this (like so many others) is not an instructable, it is merely a few pictures with no actual instruction.

    The purpose of an instructable is to teach others how to do what you have done, not simply show off what you have done.

    Updated with a few more pictures which provide some instruction.

    A bit better, thank you. :)

    not really. It is a picture of a monostable 555 vibrator and a light detector, both grasped of the internet somewhere. Absolutely unclear what the function of the 555 circuit is and how it should integrate with the laser. No doubt a great project but worthless as an ibble

    Don't think more about it, Firstly try to make with the help of this circuit diagram and I am not showcasing it.

    but I am not understanding 'what you want'.

    What I and others are trying to tell you is that this is not an instructable. You show something you made without any decent description of how you did it.
    It is like me placing an instructable called: "Build your own Rolls Royce out of tin cans" with the entire instructable then being a video of a Rolls Royce.
    It is not about 'what I want' as I am not building it and If it still isnt clear from the various remarks here then nothing I say will make that clear.
    But its OK, not going to put anymore energy in it