Laser Shooting Game (Star Wars)

Introduction: Laser Shooting Game (Star Wars)

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In this article i will share arduino based star wars project that you can make on a budget. This project is a laser shooting game that will suit you as a homemade product. This project consists of 2 sub projects : making the blaster from cardboard and building the target board. I use recording module to use for the blaster sound effect and all target boards have an photoresistors and servo motors.

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Step 1: Hardware and Materials Required

Arduino Uno + USB Cable :

9v battery:

Push Button:

Jumper wires:

Male DC Barrel Jack Adapter for Arduino :

Micro Servo 9g :

9v Battery Clip Connector :

Cardboard :

Recording Module :

Red Dot Laser Pointer:

AA Batteries :

4 x 1.5 V AA Battery Holder:

3 x 1.5 V AA Battery Holder :

LCD Module :

10k Ohm Resistor :


Male Header Pins :

Natural Wood Craft Sticks :

Step 2: Making the Blaster

The Glie-44 was blaster pistol that was carried many Resistance members in Star Wars movie, including General Leia Organa and the pilot Poe Dameron. I made this blaster using image from google search. Print the image on paper, this will us to trace the main body and details onto cardboard. Cut out the image with scissors. Once done, trace it onto the cardboard.

I used recording module for the blaster sound effect. By pressing the record button on the module and play star wars blaster sound effect on my phone at the same time, i was able to load the sound the sound onto module. After that all electronics need to be assembled according to wiring diagram. Put the electronics into the blaster, when the momentary switch is pressed the gun shoots out a pulse of red LED light and a blaster sound is triggered.

Step 3: Prepare the Targets

I used Palpatine image, and Red stormtroopers images as targets. I got images from google search and then printed the images on piece of paper. You can cut out the images and stick it on carboard by glue. Each target has photoresistor and each of them will need a hole that will allow sensor to be inserted. Targets will need servos to be attached to its side (glue will do just fine). I also added LCD display to display score and timer.

Step 4: Progam the Arduino

It's now time to program the arduino and test it out.

Download the code and transfer it over to the Arduino. Don’t forget to install LCD library and servo library.


Step 5: Have Fun

Try pointing the blaster at photoresistor, shooting photoresistor triggers servo and target board falls flat. If you shoot Palpatine, you get 5 points. If you shoot Red Stormtroopers, you only get 1 point. You can change things in the arduino program as well. If you are still having issues, let me know in the comments and i might be able to help you. REMEMBER, DON’T POINT LASER IN ANYONE’ EYES!

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