Laser Show!!!





Introduction: Laser Show!!!

We will be making a laser show that involves mirrors, speakers, and lasers!

Step 1: Gather Materials!

For this project you will need:

- small mirrors
- a <5mW laser (for the best effect)
- a base ( a wood, metal or plastic sheet to mount all the items
- a small computer speaker set
- a music source (phone, mp3 player)
- a screwdriver
- double-sided tape
- glue gun
- metal clip ( to hold laser)

optional: small metal clips ( to mount extra mirrors)

Step 2: Ready the Speakers

establish a clean base, make sure there is nothing sticking out of the piece of plastic, metal or wood. Get the computer speaker set and if there is any mesh or covers on it, using a screw driver take out the screws holding the cover of the two speakers. You will then see the inside of the speakers, it will look sort of like the outside of a sub woofer. Test out the speakers and see if they still work. As the music plays touch the circular speaker and see if they vibrate. If they do, we are ready to go!

Step 3: Mount the Mirrors

Acquire the small mirrors. Using a small piece of double sided tape, take a small square mirror and mount it on the cone, slightly under the direct center. Repeat this process for the second speaker as well. Make sure the mirrors are properly placed.

Step 4: Set Up the Project

Now take the base and mount the two speakers in the top left hand corner of the base using a glue gun or tape. now using one or two lasers. mount the lasers. You can mount the laser using the metal clips, place the laser in the clip and you can even let the laser stay on by putting the clip over the on button.

Step 5: Final Touches

Now turn on the lasers and try to position them so they directly hit the mirror on the speaker and bounce off to hit a wall. You will want to move the clip or the speakers so they will be positioned exactly to hit the tiny mirror.

Step 6:

Now hook up the speakers to the music source and play some really cool music that has a lot of different sounds (I recommend dubstep music). Keeping the lasers on, play the music and watch the really cool figures the laser make on the wall!

Step 7: Additional Step

If you want to make your project even cooler. you can also add extra mirrors on your base for the lasers to bounce off of before reaching the mirror on the speaker. It looks really cool after you do this!

Step 8: Additional Tips

For the best effects you should use a fog machine so you will clearly be able to see the laser beam!




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just got two mirrors for 20 dollars cheaply the shipping will be aprox 30 days for hologram effects.

Red and purple beam (Line laser) plug in type is Best. A 200 mw purple and 200 mw Red laser in a fluorescent material can give unique colors!! This will cost you 50 dollars each or so it a lot cheaper than a Orange yellow laser at 5 mW. Also the yellow lasers still have bugs in them (they are still in experiemental stage).

A 5 mw orange laser is 600 dollars. IF you can afford it get a magnetic stirrer and lasers (save up your money) they are both quite expensive. Don't get cheap lasers they do not last.

I am thinking of adding mirrors to the display.

And what about to add a prism?!? separating colours...
Price in chinese stores are ridiculous and with this great idea...
Hummm I can get a Disco in my home!!!

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No colours to separate in a laser - it's famous for being monochromatic (single-coloured)!

The whole point of a laser is to be a monochromatic coherent light. That means, it's only one single wavelength, and all the waves are "synchronised". If you use a polarizing filter, the laser will even have waves all going in the same plane... Go check on wikipedia, they explain it better than I do. And although that's very interesting in physics, but will fail any kind of prism-like use :/

Though a thing I'd try and do to have this upgraded, would be to find a way to increase the angles _ in other words, to make the laser figures bigger.
That could be achieved with a bigger sound system (a subwoofer will vibrate obviously much more lol), I guess... Or maybe mounting other mirrors on vibrating surfaces, like an elastic food wrapper kind of thing mounted on a wooden frame...

Well. Anyways, very nice project, it's kinda easy and all, which is cool. If you feel like working more on it, I'd advise totally take the speakers apart and make a complete custom mount :P

A laser light is in a VERY narrow spectrum, so a red laser will still give only red light if passed through a prism.
Theoretically, If you had a white laser that contains all the colors of the rainbow, and passed it through the prism, you'd get a dancing rainbow. However, the only white laser I know that's affordable is home made with 3 lasers (Red, Green, Blue). It's kinda complicated to make, and you still won't get a rainbow effect, just 3 dots in 3 colors (Red, Green, and you guessed it, Blue).

It's nice to see this implementation. It's identical to one ideated by a college roommate in 1979. Lasers were far too expensive back then to implement.