Laser Sighted Marshmallow Shooter



Introduction: Laser Sighted Marshmallow Shooter

A lot of people have made PVC marshmallow shooters. I'm going to show you a way to set yours apart.

Here is a super easy way to make or modify an existing marshmallow Shooter into a LASER SIGHTED MARSHMALLOW SHOOTER!

Marshmallow guns can be pretty fun, and if you're "too old", or if you "out-grow" them, they're a cheap and easy toy for kids.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Okay, so you've decided to build a new project.
You'll be pretty glad because this is a very cheap easy and quick one. Yay!

Here's the materials that you will need:

-mini marshmallows

-about two feet of half inch inner diameter PVC pipe
-a hack saw
-two half inch PVC T-joints
-two half inch PVC 90 degree elbows

-one half inch PVC end cap
-a ruler or measuring tape
-a sharpie
-a laser pointer that is around a half inch in diameter
It is pretty common for cheap green lasers to have a temporary on button on the side of the laser which is perfect for this project.
The button is pushed in when the laser is put in the PVC tube, turning on the laser.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the PVC

Use the sharpie and ruler to mark the PVC. Then use the hacksaw to cut the marked PVC.

You'll need six lengths of pipe.

Measure and cut one of each of the following lengths:
-Two inches
-Two and a quarter inches
-Two and a half inches
-Three inches
-Three and a half inches
-Twelve inches (1 foot)

These lengths are suggestions, you can scale up or down or completely change the measurements to whatever you please.

Step 3: Set "Gun" Pieces Out and Assemble

Set "gun" pieces out as shown in the photo.

Next, connect all joints.

PVC cement is an option here, I chose not to use it, so I could take it apart and reuse the PVC or change the gun dimensions around.

Step 4: Set "Laser Housing" Out and Assemble

Set the laser housing pieces out as shown.

Once again, connect all joints.

Do not use PVC cement on this assembly, you will need to open and close the housing to insert the laser.

Step 5: Put the Laser in the "Housing"

Dis-assemble the housing as shown.

Place the laser (laser should point to the right) inside the assembly and re-assemble the parts. The laser should now be constantly on, kept on by the pipe activating the switch.

Step 6: Attach "Laser Housing" to the "Gun"

Attach the laser housing to the gun like shown in the picture.

Step 7: Line Up Laser Dot With Barrel

To align the laser, shine the laser light on a wall, look through the barrel and move the laser housing from left to right until you can see the laser dot on the wall. Now your sight is lined up! Fire away!

Note: Be careful with the laser and people's eyes. Because lasers and stuff :P

Step 8: You're Done!

Be sure to push the marshmallow past the first T joint.
Congrats! now you have a laser-sighted marshmallow shooter!

Get some marshmallows and shoot people!

Or eat marshmallows and shoot people, or just eat marshmallows. Do whatever you want and have fun!

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