Laser Slingshot




Introduction: Laser Slingshot

Be Inspired.

P.S.Use with care and never shoot any living thing with this slingshot.



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    Hello ikumaresh,

    Are You Kipkay, by any chance?
    If not, you shouldn't post his videos here...

    4 replies

    I'm sorry .
    i just wanted to win an arctic spyder 3 so i posted it.
    sorry for any inconvenience caused

    but if you used his video, you will be violating a hell loads of rules... you won't be anywhere close to winning...

    go to your instructables page, then look for this instructable and click delete

    Remove this. NOW! if you don't, i know kipkay himself will find out

    Dude that was wrong. Not only will you probably not win the laser but you look like a terrible person. At least give credit where credit is due, or make your own.