Laser Vortex- Cheap and Easy!

Introduction: Laser Vortex- Cheap and Easy!

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I built a laser vortex for under $10. Definitely a fun, easy and cheap effect for anyone to try!

Step 1: Needful Little Things

My inspiration came from

So, yes, it has been around for awhile, but I did what I could to just make it as simple as can be without technical knowledge, or specific rare/hard to find parts, and not have to pay with family heirlooms...So here we go!

One laser pointer. I chose blue/violet because the color wasn't as common. Really, any color will do. The little fan is generally found everywhere for about $1, it is an option you can use, but I used a small motor from a broken controller. (It has an offset weight to make the controller vibrate). Just yank the weights off and you have a motor. The toggle switch and battery pack is what I had to go with since I didn't use the little fan. Honestly, If I went with the basic red pointer and little fan, I might have had less than $5 in it...But the setup will eventually be the same.

I had a piece of 3 inch by 1 foot long board to mount everything to, some small mirrors from a craft store, a bottle cap, and a cap from an energy drink can. A simple plastic mini clamp, and an eraser.

So, in 4 steps or less, here we go!

Step 2: Ready! Aim! Glue!

Whether you are going to use the little fan, or build your own setup for the motor, The pics can show you what you need for the effect to work. A mirror. The laser will reflect off the mirror and into a different direction. I had to use a bottle cap, punch a hole in the center, and glue the mirror inside of it. If you use the fan, I'd just tear the propellers off and glue the mirror to the center of the fan. The mirror cannot be perfectly straight! A slight angle is all you need. If it is straight, the laser will just be a dot bouncing off, but at an angle (with the motor turning) it will make a big circle. Just what you need!

Next was getting the laser pointer to line up to point at the mirror. I just taped one end to the board and wedge the eraser under it to lift or to help angle it. In the last Pic you see the plastic clip I was talking about. I use it to hold the pointer button in. A dab of glue on the clamp, let it dry, and it doesnt snap off since the pointer is round.

Step 3: Lights Off, Magic On!

I turned the lights off so I could make sure the laser was aimed correctly. The next pic is the laser just pointing. The big circle is when I turn the motor on. And, after adding smoke, fog, steam, etc...That is a view you get looking into the tunnel. The 3rd pic is oblong because it's hitting the ceiling, but you get the idea!

Very easy to do. Both (motor and laser) are battery powered so it can be taken anywhere. Small portable device so you can angle the Vortex in pretty much any direction without issues. I have used mine for a few hours without the batteries going dead, but you may want some back ups if you are using this for a haunt!

Step 4: Another Unnecessary Step, But.....

Lasers can be dangerous, even tho this will not cut people in half, but the light can cause temporary blindness. Please use with caution and use your own discretion please! If anyone has remarks about any laser accidents being my fault, I will reply the same, go to a doctor.

All the stuff for this is readily available and you can probly grab the stuff for about 5 to 10 dollars to make it. As you can see, cheap and effective! I am going to cross my fingers and hope the link works so you can see the video...

Post by Sean Becker.

The buzzing sound is from the motor I chose to use, not something you can notice with music. If I forgot anything, please feel free to ask! As always, Thank you!

In case the other link doesn't work...

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    2 years ago

    Just curious, how long do the batteries on the laser last?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I've had them running for a few hours. Never needed to run them much longer. Wish I could be more help...

    Shaver lane
    Shaver lane

    3 years ago

    Thanks very much I must have a try at making one.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Good luck! I think the hardest part was trying to get a clip to hold down the button for the laser. Aside from that, mine still work after these last couple years