Laser Cut Out Wonder Woman Decoupage

Introduction: Laser Cut Out Wonder Woman Decoupage

About: My sister Carmelita and I are girls who love to create arty items, we use an Epilog laser and Sewing machine, we are starting a small a...

I was actually new to this site and started looking for inspiration on how to use the new toy..the laser.. and I came across this cool 3D wood veneer spider man art:  I thought, hey! I can create one too, and I'll add additional art media, like decoupage & acrylic paint.   I was so impressed with the wooden comic art they made I really wanted to have a big one of my hero, I used to watch Linda Carter run using her tiara and cool bracelets to catch criminals.. but BIGGER!  "poster like".  I am very happy with my art piece, hope you like it :)
1 large Plywood Piece for background and 3 Plywood for Cut outs (the size of your laser table)
Computer Digital Editing software:I used Picasa and CorelDraw X6
Acrylic Paint
Decoupage Glue
large Foam Brush
Wood glue

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Step 1: Plywood for Backboard

I got 2 large pieces of plywood from Home Depot, $10 each, I got a real thin plywood, you might want to get a thicker wood (the thinner wood after decoupage it may bend a little)
Size is up to you, depending on how big you want your art piece, I'm 5' tall see pic :)  I'm the one on left in red

Step 2: Digital Image Editing

this is what I did, you may know of a better/quicker way to edit :)

Get your file (e.g. jpg)
Open Picasa
get your image and get rid of color, turn into Black and White image
and crop the areas you don't want to cut out ( I got rid of the lasso and the clouds)

Step 3: Corel Draw Convert to Clip Art

Import your black and white image and convert to clip art
outline the outer image lines to hairline (to vector cut on laser)
the rest you can keep to raster lines:
you may use color mapping for different raster effects ( 

I measured the images to fit my 3 24x18" laser table area Epilog Laser Helix 60W

Raster: S 60/P80
Vector: S 20/P50/F500

Raster and Cut your image (wonder woman)

Rastering will help when your painting :)

Step 4: Place Your Cutout Image on to Backboard

place your cut out on to backboard (1 large wood piece)
trace around it with pencil
(this will be your guide where you will place your decoupaged images, and where you'll place your cut out image)

Step 5: Decoupage Images on to Background

After tracing your cut out image on to the backboard:

I found free comic images (if you're going to sell your item please get permission from artist) and printed them out in 8.5 x 11", print enough in black ink to cover your backboard, get your decoupage glue (Walmart ModPodge or make your own: dilute 2 white glue to 1 water) use a large foam brush.

use even strokes to add glue to backboard, place your paper and add glue to top of paper (this will seal your paper and add a nice gloss), making sure you're getting all air bubbles out:

brush paper in outward fan strokes to get rid of bubbles.

Step 6: Wood Glue Your Cut Out Image to Decoupaged Backboard

Wood glue your cut out image to decoupaged backboard

Use wood glue to glue your cut out image (the decoupage outline will help you place the glueplace heavy items (books etc) on top of cut out and let dry over night

Step 7: Paint Your Cut Out Image

Have fun here!

I used Acrylic paints I found at MIchaels for .99 cents each.. 


you can add a clear glossy paint over your image if you like 

and you're done! 


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