12" Ruler Template for Laser Cutters

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Hi all - here is a handy 12" ruler file that you can use on your laser cutter!

Step 1: Download "ready to Cut" File

One of our shop folks decided that we never had a ruler around when he needed it, so he put this file together and decided to share it. Assuming you have access to a laser cutter, this will ensure you will be able to make as many 12"/30mm rulers as you want!

(Of course, its also a great way to put all those 12"/30mm (and larger) waste pieces to good use...)

Step 2: Customize Away!

Once you have the file downloaded and open in your vector editor or laser-cutting software, feel free to customize the pattern. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Add a logo or some clipart
  • Add a message to your significant other and give it to them as a "thinking of you" gift
  • Change the font to Comic Sans and give it to your favorite graphic designer
  • Put the numbers in the wrong order (or mess with the scale) and leave it on the desk of someone you don't like.

Anyway, you get the idea. Have fun!



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