Laser Cut Family Birthday Calendar

Introduction: Laser Cut Family Birthday Calendar

I made this at techshop in Chandler AZ for a christmas gift.

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Step 1: Corel Draw the Project

Every computer at Techshop has corel draw. It is a very simple program to learn. There are great helps on google for any functoin you want to do. Design in Corel Draw your Header and individual name pieces. I just used the existing fonts available and clip art. Make sure to put the month indicators at the bottom.

Step 2: Color Selection

When you design in corel draw you'll want to use red and Black as your colors. Red cuts all the way through and black is etched. Its pretty simple

Step 3: Print Job

When you print the job, click on preferences and select the material you're working on and the thickness of that material.

Step 4: Open the File, Load Material

After you send to print, select the red program icon in the lower right hand corner. Load your material and push play. Im sure there are a couple little steps I skipped over but they train you on everything before you start and there's staff on hand to help.

Step 5: Attach Hardware

Hand screw the hardware into each piece. As you can see I cut out the family name and used the exact same file to cut a darker material and used it as an inlay. Turned out great. 

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