Laser-cut Laptop Stickers for MacBook and PC (6 Free Designs)




Introduction: Laser-cut Laptop Stickers for MacBook and PC (6 Free Designs)

About: We make innovative digital fabrication machines. Our ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer is one of the most advanced desktop rapid prototyping devices on the market with interchangeable toolheads enabling one...

With these laser-cut laptop stickers, you can make your computer even more personal!

Do you like your things unique and personalized? Eliza from ZMorph sure does, that’s why she decided to design and manufacture a set of unique laptop stickers for herself, her friends and everybody who downloads the attached source files.

Using a graphic design software Eliza drew six designs including a cockeyed spider, sweet cat, Batman sign, and ZMorph logo. She later used a ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer mounted with a laser toolhead to make them.

Download the free source files and continue reading to learn how to manufacture these laptop stickers yourself.

You can also read more about the making of the laser-cut laptop stickers and laser cutting safety guidelines on our blog.

Step 1: Unpack the Source Files

The pack that we provide includes 6 designs for laser-cut laptop stickers that can be attached on various types of computers and electronic equipment.

We sized them to fit all Apple MacBooks but you can easily resize them for your purposes.

The package contains two types of files:

  • G-codes are ready for laser-cutting, you just need to send them to your multitool 3D printer or laser cutting machine
  • DXF files allow you to make more advanced modifications in the design

Go to the next step to read more about the manufacturing process itself.

Step 2: Laser-cut a Sticker and Personalize Your Computer

Stickers have different shapes and it would cost a lot to print just one copy of each. Laser-cutting in a black PVC sticky foil is a quick and efficient alternative. You can also use other types of sticky foil.

(UPDATE: Please note that laser cutting in PVC may result in toxic fumes, so please be careful and follow recommended safety measures, like keeping the machine in a well-ventilated room and putting a protective mask along with protective goggles recommended for all kinds of laser-cutting works)

Laser-cutting a single sticker on ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer took us only a few minutes. The laser beam didn’t leave any burnt material (make sure to use black or dark foil - it's easier for the laser to cut through it!).

We were also able to use and reuse various scraps of the PVC foil because the machine doesn’t require a standardized sheet of material to work.

Good luck and check out the making of the laser-cut laptop stickers on our blog.



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    13 Discussions

    Just so you guys know, 3M does make a vinyl that's 100% safe for laser cutting.

    While you surely can get away with cutting a couple of pieces of vinyl that's no more than 2~3 mils thick vs 3 to 6 mm thick,it's still not a wise thing to do,especially if you are doing hundreds of them.

    3 replies

    If you look at this link it specifically says it is not vinyl. All vinyl is poisonous to laser cut.

    Point # 4 says "High performance, 2-mil, white, non-PVC vinyl film with a luster finish". Don't know where you see it says it's not vinyl. I have a roll of it here at work,and it's kinda tricky to print on,but it's completely safe.

    It's not the vinyl per se that's poisonous. It's the chlorine in the PVC. Not only is it poisonous to people,but it's also corrosive to your laser cutter. So no matter the ventilation system you have,you should NEVER laser cut anything containing PVC,i.e.,most pressure sensitive vinyls and Sintra.

    Thanks for sharing this link!

    We used this method to manufacture only a bunch of stickers and this is the only use we recommend. Manufacturing hundreds of stickers would be less expensive using more traditional approach.

    Instructables like this make me wish their was a not safe button where people could get unsafe guides removed

    Laser cutting PVC will give off chlorine gas, which is harmful to both people and the laser cutter.

    4 replies

    Thanks for pointing this out. This is why it's always important to remember about safety measures for all types of laser cutting. These include keeping the machine in a well-ventilated room, keeping the covers of the ZMorph machine closed, wearing protective goggles and sometimes the mask too. We always remind all of our clients about it and have safety warnings in the machine's manual. In this particular case, the sticky foil was cut very fast and the amount of fumes produced in the process was minimal.

    That's the case for this single item.
    But what if a user makes 50 pcs of these? Mirrors eroding and lungs filling with water...
    Your update about safety should be posted at the top!
    Plus a reference to a laser safe vinyl, or an exclaimer telling people to use a vinyl cutter!

    I second this, PVC is one of the materials that you really shouldn't be laser cutting so it would probably be wise to mention it in the instructable and your blog post as well as just the machines user manual

    Thanks for the input - I added a safety note in the Instructable. We also decided to write a longer article about laser-cutting safety to our blog.

    Hi as others have said cutting PVC on a laser cutter simply is not sensible, safe or the best way to cut the material. Please for your own safety DONT cut PVC materials with a laser. It is more effective to use a plotter cutter which is designed for the task.