Laser-cut Radio Support Bracket

basically I bought a new retrofit radio for my 1982 Corvette. When I took the middle face off, I was disappointed to find out that all the support for the weight of the radio was stressing at two points around the knobs. All the weight of the radio was sagging a few inches behind it. I made this support mount because the middle instrument panel face plate is one large piece and its 2mm thick plastic.


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Step 1: Take Measurements

I took one measurement from the front side vertical height. The rear side of the support I decided that that I wanted to be lifted at least 1.5 inches. I then streamlined the design down to four pieces. I also tried to make the four slots so that it would be flush at the junctions of the 4 pieces.

Step 2: Lasercutting

I then lasercut the pieces on .25 inch Birch with vector cut settings of 25 speed, 90 power, and 500 hz ond the Epilog 60 watt.

Step 3: Assembly

There is not much room to move around in any part of my  Vette. This piece had to be assembled inside of the dash and glued after. I slightly miscalculated the angle but it still works like a charm.

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