Laser Cut IPhone Stand

This is a laser cut iPhone stand that I designed.

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Step 1:

The first thing you will need to do is gain access to a laser cutter. Then you will need to set the settings of the laser (the program I used was corel 10). For this phone stand you will need to set all the lines to cut all the way through (In corel 10 set the laser speed to 2%). Next you will need to set a box that only cuts half way though (In corel 10 set a box to another color and changing that colors speed to 15%). Lastly, print the phone stand out.

Step 2:

After the phone stand has been printed out you will need to setup the stand to hold the phone. Do not bend the hinges fast or too far to prevent it from breaking.

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    I need to make one of these to fit my phone! It'd come in handy when I'm playing video games and I want to see what's on my twitter!

    Striking job my friend!