Laser Cut Infinity Wall for Model Photography

Contributors: Javier V., Yoav C., Jonathan B., Jonathan N.

In our Fablab we make many models, and in order to document our creations we needed to remove the background noise from the model photo. This simple device can help doing it. It is cheap, easy to make and foldable.

In photography this is called infinity wall, and it allows taking professional pictures of models by removing background blemishes.

Step 1: Required Materials

4 poles (possibly broomsticks).

white material sheet - can be paper, or preferably fabric.

rubber bands.

Laser cutting machine

Step 2: Cut the Parts

use the files above to cut the parts.

We used 5mm thick plywood.

The DXF files for laser cutting can be scaled to your own project size. Just make sure the holes come out the size you want (same diameter as poles).

Step 3: Assemble

insert the poles into the holes. strengthen with the rubber bands.



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