Laser Cut Phrases

Introduction: Laser Cut Phrases

I made these at techshop. They make great Christmas gifts.

+any type of 1/4 inch thick wood if you want to machine to cut all the way through the wood. If you plan to just engrave on pre cut material any thickness up to 7 inches works.  hardwoods tend to have better finishes but anything will work
+a good imagination

Step 1: Design Your Phrase in Corel Draw

Pretty simple to just type in the phrase you want with the font you want. Use only Red and Black for all details. Red cuts all the way through while black is engraved. 

Step 2: Organize Your Pieces and Then Print

Organize your pieces to get the most out of your material while still leaving a little room for waste. Once it looks the way you want it, push print. Click preferences in the print dialogue box. In preferences, select your material type and thickness. select Ok and Print. 

Step 3: Open Tool Software

After selecting print, open the little red program icon in the lower right hand corner. Make sure the cut will happen on the material before you actually cut. This is done by pushing start with the cutter door open. Once you've confirmed, close the door and push start. 

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Never thought about doing it for hire. What would it be worth to you? I dont really have access to the machine right now anyway.