Laser Cut Wood Cell Phone Holder. "I Made It at Techshop"

We needed a better themed cellphone case to fit the Steampunk look of our costumes so we came up with this quick and simple cellphone case using the Trotec laser at Tecshop and 1/4" plywood.

Step 1: Design in Corel Draw

We first took the measurements of the iPhone 4S  from the Apple website and applied that when generating our box design.
The attached Corel file was left without the filigree for you to decorate as you see fit.

Step 2: Laser Cut Plywood.

Cut your plywood using the recommended settings for 1/4" Plywood.
We cut holes in the back and sides in order to secure it to the belt on our costume.

Step 3: Assemble Pieces.

There was a bit of wobble with the cellphone inside the case but it met our costume need. The measurements weren't as precise due to the fact that we used scrap wood from the bin and were in a bit of a rush to make a costume piece. You'll need to edit the file for your specific needs. Enjoy :)



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    Phil B

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have a new cellphone and need a new case. Although I do not have a laser cutter, or access to a Tech Shop location; I have considered a couple of methods for making one from a nice wood. I figure double stick foam tape would eliminate wobble and secure the phone, especially if the wood surface is smooth from shellac or varnish. But, I would want to be able to access and operate all of the ports and buttons. That would mean either cutting away wood or adding extension buttons. Are you able to operate buttons and access ports through your case? What make and model phone are you using? Thanks.