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Introduction: Laser Projector in a Zippo

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Having made a laser lighter in a zippo I wanted to see how far I could go in the miniaturisation stakes.
How about a laser projector in a zippo?
I wish I had a 3D laser printer for this one, the second picture shows the complicated plastic insert that will hold all the gubbins.

I had to do it the hard way.

Step 1: The Parts List

As well as the zippo you will need
  • a block of 12.7mm (1/2") plastic sheet (or print it if you have the kit :)
  • 2 off 1.5v phone vibrate motors
  • Green laser module
  • Acrylic mirror
  • 3.7v li ion battery
  • Magnet to hold lid closed
  • on off switch
  • oddments of brass for battery contacts
Second picture shows the general assembly, you can see how tightly packed everything is.

Step 2: Machining the Block

The plastic sheet was cut to fit the zippo perfectly, then cut to length.
some of the parts were laid on to check they would all fit.
The motors had plastic cases which were removed to make more room.

Step 3: Machining the Block Part 2

The green module needed to be modified as it was too large to fit in the acrylic block, I first removed the drive circuit then turned the body down to as small as I could get it.
I then tried it in the block and lit it up! This gave me the position for the first motor.

Step 4: Motor Mounts and Mirrors

Before the next stage of machining I needed to make mounts for the motors and mirrors so that I could machine the correct size holes.
Brass mounts were turned in the lathe.
Acrylic mirrors were turned up and drilled on a mandrel in the lathe.
The parts were then assembled and wired up.

Step 5: Machining the Block Part 3

Now the holes for the motors were drilled and slots were cut all around for the battery, magnet, pot, switch and driver circuit.

Photos show the motor units fitted, third photo shows the magnet that holds the zippo lid closed.

Step 6: Assembly and Wiring Part 1

Pictures shows the driver circuit in place, followed by the on off switch fitted.
A small hole was then cut in the zippo case to access the switch.

Step 7: Assembly and Wiring Part 2

All it needs now are contacts for the battery and some wiring.
Thie first picture is the wiring diagram followed by the battery contacts.
picture 3 shows the wiring in progress

Step 8: Final Touches

The last bit was to make the sprung contact for the battery and finish the wiring, pictures show trial fitting in the zippo before doing so.
Followed by the battery in place, picture also shows the plastic cover to protect the back of the motor.

Step 9: And Finally

Here is a video showing the finished laser projector.

Enjoy :)


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    4 years ago

    What was the cost for all the components?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I built this some years ago, I would guess the cost was about £25/$40


    Wow, really well thought out executed and explained! Now can you make another version that turns on when you open it?