Laser Ring - Chess


Introduction: Laser Ring - Chess

For those who use laser pointer for presentation,

u may want to free your hand for controlling mouse, turn to some pages..... this laser ring can free your hand and even can control it properly with your other hand. I made some designs, and this it the one made from a chess.

+++++++++++++ Materials ++++++++++++++

a chess

small watch battery

tactile switch

laser LED (3V)

a piece of metal for wall mounting cable.

+++++++++++++ how to make ++++++++++++++

sand the surface if u don't want to see the original character of the chess

drill a hole with saw ring

drill a small hole for holding the laser LED

Use dremel to make holes for installing tactile switch and some gully for hidden the wire.

the battery case is a little bit difficult, u need to drill a hole to place the battery ( 2x 1.5V watch battery)

Negative terminal is using M2 screw to contact it and the positive terminal is connected with the metal piece.

Finally, using primer for plastic model to paint it and draw some pattern u like. (plastic model paint)




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