Laser That Helps You Read

This is an invention i came up with to help you read because i would always lose my place while reading and it got really annoying.

Step 1: Step One: the Laser

you will need to get the right type of laser because other lasers wont work. they will either be to bright and distract you away from the reading or might not be bright enough.
so you need
-a laser
-button cell batteries (they should come with the laser)
-solder and soldering gun or strong glue
-glasses (prescription or not)

Step 2: Step 2:(optional) Diode

This step is if you want to hide the laser more and just use the diode with the batteries. You will need to use tape to hold them together and make it so it is small and compact. I dont have a picture of the diode out because i kept the diode in the casing but i have a picture of it in the casing itself.

Step 3: Step 3: Connection

Here is where the patience comes in. you will need to place the laser so that when you are reading it will be right under the word you are on. This will change depending on the person and how far you hold the book from your face along with the angle you have your head. It is very agrivating because you will have to find that point of balance and when you do you have to tape it to the glasses.

Step 4: Step 4: Solder or Glue

You have to be careful to solder it and not burn anything. Its much easier to glue but not as strong or as hidden as if it was solders. I soldered it using a long solder tip and a solder wire the thickness of a paper clip. The solder is right inbetween the laser and the glasses under the tape.

Step 5: Step 5: Test It Out

now all you have to do is put a peice of tap over the button and read! The laser underlines every word! its so helpful and i never get lost reading with this. I took some pictures but the flash was on so they came out bright. You might not be able to see the dot but its very strong even in daylight. It works perfectly! its a must make project!



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    I use my finger for tracking while I read - but my stepson has an e-reader with a touch screen - messes me up big time. That's why I took a look at this 'ible.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Obviously, lasers make everything better. Didn't you have to take Madscience 101 in school?

    I kid, I kid. You actually have a pretty good point. I suppose for people with severe dexterity issues, this could be a very useful idea.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    True there is always an application for a good idea.

    Take madscience 101?? I taught it :-)

    guys no

    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is brilliant! im am deffinatly makeing this! THANK YOU SO MUCH ITS LIKE YOU KNEW WHAT I NEEDED! YES!

    dude this is pretty awesome! i could undersand rickharris's point but i guess makeing this and having it would be alot cooler. plus then you got the other hand to hold down the pages.

    1 reply