Lasercut Hnefatafl Board

Introduction: Lasercut Hnefatafl Board

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Hnefatafl is an ancient Viking game, and when the Formby Vikings taught us how to play it, I immediately thought I'd make a lasercut version so we could play it at home and at the makerspace.

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Step 1: Download the SVG/DXF

If you want to edit it and make it your own, download the SVG and feel free. If not, the DXF should be ready to cut.

Step 2: Cutting Instructions.

Pink: engrave (I used a relatively light setting, speed 300 and power 20).

Blue: engrave (I used a darker setting, speed 300 and power 35).

Black: cut (etch). I don't want this to cut all the way through, so I used speed 30 and power 25.

Red: cut (all the way through). I used speed 10, power 45.

As long as red is last, it'll be fine (it will probably also be fine if red is not last, but the minute changes of position caused by the pieces falling through once the cut is complete may make a slight difference).

After running through the entire process, hold down the material and use a thumbtack to flip the marked pieces (star and concentric circles), then run only the pink again. That way the marked pieces are marked on both sides, which makes it easier to identify them during setup.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Board!

You can learn how to play hnefatafl in its various incarnations online or at Formby Vikings events!

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    That looks really nice. I seriously wish that I had access to a laser cutter. I would make so many custom board games.


    Reply 1 year ago

    No makerspaces near you? That's a shame :(