Lasercut Macbook Retina 15 Inch Stand

Introduction: Lasercut Macbook Retina 15 Inch Stand

This Retina stand is a low laptop stand that will prevent your laptop from getting to hot.

It is made with lasercutting. I used a plywood plate of 3 mm thick.
The whole stand can be easily assembled by shifting the three different plates in to each other.
Two plates are connected right angled to form a plus shape. The third is to keep the two plates in place.

All work is printed in Stadslab Rotterdam.
You will need a 3mm plywood plate that is at least 360mm x 200mm.
And for the printer at Stadslab I used a line thickness off 0.01mm 

Step 1: Create Your Illustrator File

First thing is to set up your Illustrator file or download the one I made.

Step 2: Get a Piece of Wood

Next up get a piece of wood that is atleast 360mm by 200mm

Step 3: Printing

Next up find yourself a laser printer.
You can see my settings in the images but it is wise to test the settings first. Like I did in the first image with the holes.
Than you can laser cut the pieces out of the wood.

Step 4: Assemble

Now the easiest part of all fit it all together.

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