Lasercut Magnetic Name Tag



The staff in my work shop always wears name tags that look like this. I also wanted one so of course I made one!

Material and Equipment:

1/8" plywood

Magnets (Mine were 1/8" thick with a 1/4" diameter. Link:

Two part epoxy

Laser cutter

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Step 1: Design the Name Tag in Illustrator

The size of the name tag I drew is rounded a 1" by 3" rectangle.

The diameter of the hole is 1/4". These is for holding the magnets.

The magnets I used are 1/4" in diameter and 1/8" thick. If you use 1/8 " plywood to laser cut the name tag, this magnet can fit perfectly. The magnets can be purchased with this link:

Later, we will put the piece with two holes and the piece with your name together, and then put the magnets into the holes.

The font I used is “Sensei Medium." Here is the free download link:

The sea urchin and unicorn icon in the design are from the Noun Project. I put the horn from the unicorn on top of the sea urchin. You can also design your own logo.

Step 2: Cut Them Out in the Laser Cutter

I used a Universal Systems laser cutter to cut the design out of 1/8'' birch wood.

Step 3: Glue the Parts and Magnets Together. Voila!

Here I used epoxy glue to put two pieces together and the magnets onto the wood.

In the first photo, you can see I cut an extra back piece. I used that to attach my name tag on the other side of my clothing. Be careful of the direction of the magnets. They will repel each other if you put in the wrong direction.

Or if you don't want to waste the magnets, you can simply cut a strip of metal from a tin can as the attachment.

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