Lasercut Magnets

So we've been looking for something like this for a while.

When I saw it on, I had to buy it and try it out.  Turns out, a 1/16th in. magnetic sheet with acrylic PSA (adhesive) on one side can make custom laser-cut magnetic sheet outlines.  Here's how to make the most of this material from Laserbits (see link).

1) Cut out a portion of the material the old-fashioned way.
2) Cut out whatever material you are going to laminate with.  In this case I've used polyethylene sheeting.  Also works would be wood, acrylic, or leather.
3) Peel back the adhesive and carefully place the top material over the magnetic material.  Careful, you only get once chance because the PSA is very strong.
4) Set into the laser bed, focus.
5) Open your vector file, in this case Corel Draw.  Notice I've selected the diamond only in this case...I don't want to cut or etch the letters
6) Print with the shown settings
45% speed, 90% power, 2500hz freq for our 60W epilog helix at TechShop in San Francisco.
7) Make sure the air assist pressure is low, this reduces the amount of fine, magnetic dust that could accumulate in the machine's bowels or on your material.
8) Remove and clean with alcohol and paper.

Optional:  I added vinyl letters from our vinyl cutter to make the black letters.  This can also be done with the laser on an etch-able material.

Now I've got a bumper sticker that I can remove anytime I want to go into stealth mode and hide my idiot-ness.




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    cool, are you sure it;s ok to cut that magnetic material on the laser cutter? seems like at the very lest it could clog parts of the machine.

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