Lasercut Modules

Introduction: Lasercut Modules

Modularity exists all around us in our daily life (see lecture). Developing a module (a brick) is fundamental to any
design process to help focus the intention and solvability. A module can serve not only as a high fidelity finished product but also as a process model to further help iterate on design ideas. Here you will develop your own unique module to create a larger system in which basic design principles exist.

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Step 1: Prototype - Cardboard

I cut out a prototype out of cardboard and used duct tape as vinyl modeling.

Step 2: Lasercut/Vinyl Cut

For this project, I wanted to accentuate fluidity of waves that intersect and interact with each other. Looking back, I feel I would have more effectively accomplished this goal if I experimented with lasercutting a design onto the surface of my chipboard to make it bendable.

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    That looks really cool. I really wish that I have a laser cutter. It would let me make some really fun paper craft projects