Lasercut Voronoi Coaster Made With a Bot




One thing I like about Holidays is the opportunity to make some nice things as presents for my family. So this time I made a decorative coaster using a simple AI-based design tool and a laser cutter.

The design phase was so simple, actually all I had to do was to describe verbally what I want to do and let a graphic design bot make it for me.

This intractable will show you how to:

  • Create a Voronoi Pattern
  • Cut it to a desired shape and put a border frame around it.
  • Convert the output to vector graphics and set its size

You can then send it to a laser cutting service online or go to a nearby laser cutting shop and get it cut for you.

And here's the cool thing - We're going to use our email subject line as the design tool......

You can check this cool bot out here:


Step 1: Making a Voronoi Pattern

We're going to use Wilmor, an AI-based graphics editing bot to make the pattern. Simply email him the request and you'll get the result back in a minute.

The request from the bot is simply: Make a Voronoi pattern through 100 points (click to try yourself)

The number of points sets the density of the voronoi pattern. You can increase or decrease according to your preference.

Step 2: Cutting the Pattern to Shape

Now comes the cool part. We can cut the pattern to any desired shape and add a border frame around it.

To get this done, we add to the request: Cut with the shape of.......

Then we need to add a border frame around it by asking: Add a black border frame

Here goes: Make a voronoi pattern through 100 points. Cut with the shape of a fish and Add a thin black border frame around it. (Try it here)

If you want the lines to be thicker, you can add: Thicken by 5 pixels (or any other amount you want)....

here goes: Make a voronoi pattern through 100 points. Cut with the shape of a fish and Add a thin black border frame around it. Thicken by 2 pixels.

Try it here

Note: Wilmor make s the fish shape by itself, so every time you send a request, it can be another style of a shape......

Step 3: Preparing the Vector Output

We can ask Wilmor to vectorize the pattern he prepared for us. Again it's as simple as typing the request. We can also set the size of the output and choose a format (SVG or DXF)

Vectorize smooth hi res SVG and resize to 300 by 200 mm


Vectorize smooth hi res DXF and resize to 300 by 200 mm

Send the request to Wilmor and add the image from the previous step as an attachment.

Try it here

Step 4: Laser Cutting It Online

I found there's a new laser cutting service online at Sculpteo.

So You can prepare an SVG output with Wilmor, and upload it there for cutting.

It's getting so easy to design and make things.....



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    Those look really nice. I might try to order some laser prints to make some Christmas presents.