Lassi Variations(yoghurt Drinks)

-Lassi is one of the popular indian beverage started in green fields of punjab and now served in whole of india.

-This was prepared and served to farmers or workers for long sunny day to keep them hydrated.It is best drink for summer and keep you refreshed whole day.

-It can be made sweet or salted up to our preference

-You can also add fruits like mango to prepare fruit lassi and also mint and spices to prepare mint masala lassi

Here i will show diffrent lassi variations

Step 1: Dilute Yoghurt

-I will show diffrent variations of lassi. To prepare diffrent variations of lassi first we need to dilute yoghurt with water

-I have taken one large cup of yoghurt and transferred to bowl.Add half cup of water to it and whisk it.

Step 2: Divide Diluted Yoghurt in to 3 Portions

-To show diffrent variations i added this diluted yoghurt in 3 glasses with which i make salt ,sweet and mint masala lassi.

Step 3: Basic Salt Lassi

-I have taken one portion of divided yoghurt and transferred to blender.Add salt as per taste and blend in blender.

-You can see nice froth at top after blending.

-Transfer salt lassi to glass and serve

Step 4: Sweet Lassi

-Sweet lassi is another variation of lassi. Now take 2nd portion of diluted yoghurt and transfer to blender

-Add cinnamon powder , sugar and blend in blender until you see froth at top.

Step 5: Transfer Blended Sweet Lassi to Glass

Blend sweet lassi ,top with cinnamom powder and transfer to glass and serve

Step 6: Mint Masala Lassi

-Mint masala lassi is very tasty with spices and mint flavour

Ingredients for mint masala lassi:

-Half tsp black salt

-Half tsp roasted and crushed cumin

-1/4tsp chat masala

-Tsp curry leaves(optional)

-Half tsp pepper powder

-few mint leaves.

For mint lassi first dry roast cumin seeds and crush them

Step 7: Procedure for Mint Masala Lassi

-Now i have taken my 3rd portion of diluted yoghurt and transferred to blender.

-Add all spices blacksalt,crushed cumin,black pepper

Step 8: Add Remaining Spices

-Add remaining spices chat masala,few curry leaves and mint leaves

Step 9: Blend

-Blend mint masala lassi and transfer to glass

Step 10: Mango Lassi

-Lassi can also be prepared by adding any fruits of your choice like mango ,banana,grapes

-I prepared lassi by adding mango pulp.


-Cup of yoghurt

-3 tbsp mango pulp

-Few chopped almonds

-crushed cardamom


Step 11: Procedure for Mango Lassi

- Take yoghurt,mango pulp ,cardamom and almonds in blender. Add sugar and blend .

-Transfer to glass and serve



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