Last Minute Halloween Spider Costume

Introduction: Last Minute Halloween Spider Costume

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''Halloween is coming''! and very good ,I love this holiday. You can be during it whatever or whoever you want the only limit is your imagination. My sister afraid of spiders that's why I chose to become one,I also wanted my costume to be cheap as I will use it only once.

Here you can see my idea for halloween , cheap, quickly spider costume I can even say last minute costume.

Step 1: Inspiration

Spiders - my sweet inspiration

Step 2: What Do You Need for This Costume?

You need:

  1. sweater,blouse or dress
  2. needle and thread or sewing machine
  3. scissors
  4. piece of fabric for example from old skirt
  5. twine
  6. plush

Step 3: How to Sew Halloween Spider Costume Step by Step? Step One - Legs

copy the length of our ''legs'', it should be as long as our sleeve (photo 1)

cut 4 or more of those and sew them as you can see on photo below, next put into ''legs'' plush (photo 2)

check '' legs'' before sewing, if everything is ok sew them to dress (photo 3)

Step 4: How to Fasten Legs to Each Other ?

cut 4 equal parts of twine plus 4 elastics (photo 1)

sew free part of the twine to the leg (photo 2)

Step 5: How to Make '' Head of the Spider'' -hood ?

use hood from for example old blouse as a pattern and cut 2 pieces , sew them together and you'll receive ready hood for costume

or use ready pattern !

Step 6: How to Make Details?

it's time for details,

cut claws (photo 1)

sew them to hood (photo 2)

and hood to dress (photo 3)

now only draw eyes and costume is ready ! (photo 3)

Step 7: How Ready Spider Costume Looks Like?

here you can see spider costume on me

four more hands to scaring or hugging , it depends what who likes :-)

great fun!

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    1 year ago

    How cute! This looks like a great variation on the 'Little Warm Spider Costume' that's on Instructables.
    Good job!


    3 years ago

    Very creative