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Introduction: Last Minute Man Gifts

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OH NO!! It's the afternoon before [insert: Your Dad's Birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day etc. etc.]. And you don't have a gift for the dad or man in your life. So what are you going to do about it? Go to Walmart and buy an impersonal Hallmark card and some chocolate? Of course not. You're part of the vast Instructables community, you're scouring every section, every possible guide. Look no more. This is the last minute guide of the year, because though it is heartfelt, it won't fill up his shelves with stuff that he may not need, and besides, it's the memory that counts!!! 

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Step 1: Cover Something in Chocolate

Marshmallows, Pretzels, Cookies (especially chocolate ones), Fruit, Bacon. You name it, and it can probably be covered/coated/drenched in chocolate. Know what your man or dad likes and as long as he isn't a) on a diet he is unwilling to break, b) hates or is allergic to chocolate, it should be a winner! 

Alternatively you could also chocolate coat pretzels, and then sprinkle bacon bits on it. Personally, I think this sounds pretty good. Or even better, wrap bacon around it. Or peanuts. Or coconut. Whatever he enjoys most. 

Step 2: Wash His Vehicle

With the exception of absolute perfectionists, and those whose cars are masterpieces or their babies, A nice handwash would surely be appreciated by the him in your life. Soap it up right, shine the wheels, the license plate. Make it sparkle!  Vacuum the inside, and use a chamois on the body to make sure there are no streaks.

This is something almost anyone, from child(with hopefully some supervision) to adult and do in a about a hour or less.

(For an added touch, if you know a little about washing cars, you could wax it as well.)

Step 3: Cook Him a Meal

I'm not talking TV Dinner, and I'm not talking 5 star restaurant. But a nice steak, or bacon and eggs, or whatever his favorite meal is, would be perfect.  If he's a griller let him grill it himself! Unless he's a fan or on a diet he won't break, don't worry about the wholegrain, or veggies, or sodium, it's his day. Let him have his meal however he likes. And don't forget desert. (See #1) 

 And now, cue the Bill Cosby clips:

Step 4: Take the Kids Away

This only applies for Dad's, but it's a good one. Take the kids away somewhere for an hour or two so he can have a decent nap. Or even better get a babysitter and take yourselves away to a restaurant or park or somewhere. 

Step 5: Spend Some Time With Him

This may seem the antithesis of #4, but let me put this scenario to you. Your dad/grandad is elderly. Sure he'll appreciate a card, and the giant teddy bear you sent him, but what he'd really like would be some time with you. Sure you're busy. Sure it's a bit of a drive. Sure nursing homes freak you out. But this guy is 50% of the reason you're around. Give him some credit. Deliver that card or that teddy bear personally, and don't just drop it at his door. Stop and spend some time. Cook him a meal (see #3) or take him out. Play a game of golf. Tell him you love him before you go and give him a hug or at least a handshake. 

This could also apply to #4, you could send the kids to grandma's or a babysitter, while you spend time with your man. Or even let your kids spend time with their dad without you. They're only little once.. Or so I've been told. 

Step 6: Mow the Lawn

It's summer. It's hot. Who wants to be outside mowing the lawn when you could be inside watching the game on TV. But it has to be done, and who is it always left to? The man! So change it up. Let him sit inside while you mow the grass. This is your gift, to him

Step 7: Write Him a Poem or Song

Poems aren't impossible. There are rhyming dictionaries all over the internet to give you a hand. 
Here are some basics:
Dad- Sad, Lad, Bad, Grad, Plaid
Son-Ton, Bun, Hun
You- true, blue, goo (although don't use goo) 
Brother- Mother, other, another 

Use the poem to tell how wonderful he is. If you're musically inclined you could even make it a tune and sing it to him (or steal the tune from   another song) and even if you aren't musical you could rap it.  

Step 8: A Simple Card

If none of these other ideas seem to fit him, try this. Write him a card or letter telling him how you feel about him. You could include your favorite memory of him, or just tell him that you love him.

Here are some pointers to get started with: 
-DO Say I Love You, or however you would say it
-DON'T Keep it short and sweet. If you use a card add another sheet of paper to write on if you run out of room
-DO reminisce
-DO say stuff like Dear 
-DO add drawings/photos if you can't think of what to write
-DON'T Give up. You really can do it!
-DO make your own card, if you can. 

Step 9: Thanks for Reading!

                      I hope you've found your man that perfect gift, that won't clutter his room. And if you haven't best of luck!

                                                                       Thanks for reading, and please rate and share!  

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    4 years ago

    thank you so much i hade no idea what to do for my boyfriend for valentines day and the poem idea gave me the idea to write a small book of riddles because he loves solving them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!