Last Hack of the Year(cardboard Zenith Speaker)




this is a 15 minute project i tossed together at 11:00 pm CST
found a old zenith cabinet radio in the alley a year ago, the entire internals were stripped except for 1 16 inch subwoofer, 1 7 inch horn midrange and a 3.5 inch tweeter
step 1, measure speaker against the cardboard box and draw a line around the perimeter, use screws to hold it in place while drawing

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Step 1: Draw Inner Ring and Cut

look at the speaker and estimate how much of a overlap you need(ie, the part that needs to rest on the cardboard) to support the speaker, in my case i had half an inch of cardboard cone support on the speaker so i drew a line roughly half an inch inside the original line and cut out a circle

Step 2: Repeat for All Drivers


Step 3: Electronics

string your electronics inside and connect all the drivers to your filter(or connect them all together(i personally used a low-pass filter for the subwoofer
add a jack and attach everything accordingly, glue in place with hot glue!!

Step 4: Trim Box to Size

trim your box to size making sure to cut in such a way you can make a smaller box, glue all the tabs togehter with hot glue(a torch or lighter can melt said glue much faster than a hot glue gun)

Step 5: And Done!

hook the speaker upto your favorite tube amp and enjoy

Step 6: Make Beverage Cooler to Celebrate

add 2 lengths of pvc tubing, atleast 2 feet each to a both ends of a coil of 3/8th inch copper tubing
the more tubing the colder your beverage will get with each pass

put copper tube in a waterproof container of sufficient depth to hold the entire coil
fill with ice and water
insert a tube from 1 inside of the coil into a bottle containing your favorite newyears beverage
softly suck on the other tube until the liquid hits the coil,  insert the other tube in another bottle of sufficient size and raise the first bottle over the height of the second, after a few seconds your beverage will start to flow into the second bottle and should ideally completely drain the first bottle depending on how good of a siphon developed, you may be required to manually blow into the 1 end to empty the tubing completely
but your drink should be significantly colder, if not cold enough you may repeat the process simply by switching bottle positions so it siphons back through the tubing

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Coming from Australia, this would be your first hack of the year, yaaay


    8 years ago on Step 6

    also, you can vary the flow rate(and thus, cooling efficiency, slower = gets colder
    by varying the height of 1 bottle to the other, the lower the bottom bottle is the faster it will flow