Last Minute Emergency Lab Party Costume

Introduction: Last Minute Emergency Lab Party Costume

We've all been there. You miss the memo the day before and when you walk into work you realize you're the only person in the lab not in costume.  A tragedy, sure to cause you to be the new lab outcast, but before you go join "Smelly Larry" in the basement, you remember that you have some Sugru in your desk!  Crafting like mad, you grab your safety glasses and begin your transformation.

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Step 1:

A little red around the nose, some black over the eyebrows....

Step 2:

It's good, but not enough yet.

Step 3:

You rush madly on, adding Sugru with wild abandon until finally....  You finish your transformation and become the new life of the party!

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    5 years ago

    Hahaha! This is a fantastically clever idea! Keep it up!