Last Years Chrismas Tree/This Years Ornament




Introduction: Last Years Chrismas Tree/This Years Ornament

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This instructable was merely a dream 11 months ago when I was preparing my Christmas tree to be a crappie bed. Hope you enjoy

A 14" piece of Leland Cyprus



Drill press

80,110,&220 grit sandpaper


Step 2: Chop and Shape

I wanted to make a non traditional spinal. Started off by cutting off all those pesky limbs.

Setup on the lathe and make a blank. Now gradually making the shape and leaving the top to make a hanger hole later on.

Step 3: Cutting the Hanger

First cut parrallel cuts to taper down. Cut out circle 90degrees from this. Center drill a 1/2" hole and sand sand sand!!!

Step 4: Varnish

Lightly rub varnish on and off with a tshirt. And present to the family.

Step 5: Voilà

Looks like I'm gonna be on the "knotty list".



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    11 Discussions

    great job! I made one out of Fraser fir from last years tree and and a scrap piece of cherry I had lying around

    Very cool! Wish I had a lathe!

    I really like this. It males me wish I had a lathe.

    A little macabre :)

    Great idea! It would be a fun tradition to do every year!


    3 years ago

    That is very cool. Eventually I will have a lathe and be able to create some awesome stuff like that.

    That's a large ornament. I like it!