Latex Alien Chestburster

This is a latex alien chestburster that was sculpted up with plasticine (teeth are cocktail sticks) then moulded in plaster. The mould is then filled to the brim with latex, left for around 3 hours and then the latex is poured out to leave a wet skin inside the mould. the latex dried and i removed it from the mould and there's your chestburster. To paint add a little bit of latex to any kind of paint, (acrylics would be the most common) to make the paint bond better to the chestburster To make the chestburster solid i bought cheap builders expanding foam which works great because it fills in every gap. I then got a piece of guttering, heated it and moulded it to the shape of my chest. Riveted a 'spike' of pipe for the chestburster to stick onto. Cut two slits in the moulded plastic and then used webbing strap and a bag clip to tighten it to my chest. Cut a slit in my t-shirt, sprayed a bit of bloody red and voila, there's an alien exploding from my chest! I also made a small chest wound that sits beneath the chestburster, just for the extra bit o' gore.

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    hello, this is fantastic. i am following your instructions and so far i have made the sculpture out of clay. when you made the mold, how did you get the clay out? i'm finding that the sculpture is so long and narrow it will be difficult to get the clay out. do you have a trick to removing the clay from the mold??

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    Hi, it is a very narrow mold, really it should have been a two parter but the one part mold is just quicker. Have you used clay or plasticine? If you have used clay then you can easily rinse the mold out with water either by hand or by hose, not too much pressure with the hose as it might destroy some of the detail. The clay is earth based material so it should dissolve in water, if you have used plasticine which i did, it takes a lot of white spirits with a toothbrush then thoroughly dried with a rag on the inside to get rid of any lasting white spirits so it doesn't affect the latex.

    i used an oil based clay called roma plastilina. ive read that i can spray it with clear krylon and then scrape it out. ive also read that i can heat up the clay with a hair dryer to melt it out. i dont know what you mean by white spirits. do you think i should do a two part mold?? ive never made a mold let alone a two part mold before.