Laughing Machine

Here's how to create your own laughing machine with Kids Invent Stuff! You just need a few bits around the house to make your own. This is your project so try making adjustments and trying new ways of putting it together with different materials because there are many ways to make this project work.



  • Coloured Card
  • Glue Stick
  • Felt Tip Pens


  • Internet Connected Device
  • Micro:bit (optional)
  • Scissors

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Step 1:

Go to:

Step 2:

Drag a 'show string' block located in the 'basic' menu inside the 'on start' block.

Step 3:

Replace the text with 'Welcome to my comedy show!'

Step 4:

Drag and drop a 'on shake' block from the 'input' onto the screen.

Step 5:

Drag a 'show string' block inside the 'on shake' block. Replace the text with your favourite joke.

Step 6:

Drag a 'pause (ms)' block from the basic menu under the show string block. Replace the number with 2 seconds.

Step 7:

Drag a 'show string' block underneath the 'pause (ms)' block. Replace the text with the answer to your joke.

Step 8:

Press the 'shake' circle on the micro:bit. Laugh and play!

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