Launcher of Doom-Office Version

Introduction: Launcher of Doom-Office Version

There comes a time in every persons life where they get the sort of attitude "My God. I Need to do something to end the eternal boredom." Or at least they want to shoot high powered projectiles like a modern day bow and arrow.

Its taking forever to upload Notes on the picture, so i cant seem to do it.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need.

-One large Rubber band.

-One Pen, note: the pen should be one of the "cheaper" kinds that have the inside cartridge, a pull on, pull off cap.... My recomendations are either a Bic or "Just Basics".

-Adhesive Tape. My recomendations are "Nashua Tape" its sort of grayish.

Your Hands.

Step 2: Preparing the Pen.

Normally you can just take the cap off and write, but we want to get that hollow interior. Most pens carry a small cap at the rear, and you can sort of yank that off and the pen comes out.

Now whats left is the tip. Just cut that off.

Step 3: Applying the Band.

You want to get the large rubber band and cut about a quarter from it. You want to leave it so that the center is hitting the back of the pen, and both sides are around 1 thumbs width from the far tip. Holding bothsides together, you want to then wrap it tightly in tape, around 3 times over.

Step 4: Fire Away.

Damn this thing is powerful. so watch what you do.

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