Lava Lighting System

Introduction: Lava Lighting System

Have you ever wanted a cool way to use natural light? If yes, light up your lair with lava!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this you'll need:

  • 56 redstone dust
  • 15 redstone repeaters
  • 5 pistons
  • 3 sandstone slabs(any slab will do though)
  • 1 bucket of lava
  • 1 lever

Step 2: Lever and Pistons

To start off, place one piston facing left. Then move three spaces to the left and back one, and place a piston one block off the ground facing to the right. Now move three spaces to the right and back one, and place a piston two blocks off the ground facing to the left. Now repeat these steps alternating from left to right and placing the piston one block higher than the other piston each time. Do this until you have five pistons total.(three on the right and two on the left) From the first piston on the right, move five blocks forward and two to the left, then place a block of sandstone and put a lever on it. Next build a staircase down from each of your pistons.(I only used colored wool for clarity)

Step 3: Trenches and Redstone Wiring

Now start by digging one block under the sandstone (with the lever on it) and leave a block under that. Then place redstone dust on that block. Now dig a two block deep trench from each of your piston staircases to the block underneath the lever with the redstone on it. Make a straight line of redstone all the way to the left and all the way to the right. The repeaters will all be 5 ticks apart. Starting with the trench belonging to the tallest rightmost piston (orange), place a repeater six blocks from the front corner(set to 1 tick, meaning don't click it) . For the trench belonging to the tallest piston on the left (red), place 2 repeaters touching the first block that leads up the staircase; the first repeater should be set to max(4 ticks, meaning click it 4 times) and the second set to 2 ticks (so 6 ticks total). Now onto the 2nd piston on the right (green). Place 3 repeaters touching the first block that leads up the staircase, the first 2 repeaters should be set to max and the 3rd set to 3 ticks. For the 2nd piston on the left (blue), place 4 repeaters touching the first block that leads up the staircase, all 4 should be set to max. For the last piston there should be 5 repeaters touching the 1st step and all set to max.

Step 4: Cover Up and Test

Now to cover it up, you will need to place 1 slab right before the first block of the tallest (orange) staircase. The reason being, if we were to do a normal block, that would cut the redstone wiring off when moving up the staircase. That is also why, in the other 4 trenches, I placed the repeaters straight up against the block so there was no wiring to interfere with the block placement. The reason why I couldn't place my repeater against the 1st block of this staircase is because a redstone signal only holds out for 16 blocks (and the distance from the lever to the staircase is over 16 blocks). You also need to place 2 slabs on the left and right of the sandstone with the lever on it for the same wiring reason. Now go ahead and cover up all of your trenches. You should next put sandstone blocks directly across from your pistons, leaving one space in the middle. In the middle, one space behind each piston, add more sandstone blocks, making it look like a staircase with sides. Now test the system, it should look like this.

Step 5: Adding Lava

From the top middle, place 2 sandstone blocks going back. One block up, place 3 sandstone in a 'C' shape so that no lava can escape. At the bottom front of the staircase, do the same. Flip the lever so the system is on and place lava in the hole at the top of the staircase. For the lava to flow down the staircase, the system must be turned off so the pistons will retract.

Step 6: Finishing Up

To finish it up, make a diagonal row of sandstone to the right and to the left. Then make another row but back one block. Continue until you reach the top. You can complete the project however you would like. I chose to add a top row of sandstone. If lava is not your thing, you can switch the lava for water, and, if you still want light, switch the bottom staircase row of sandstone for glowstone.

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