Lavender Honey

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When making honey infusions, it's generally safest to use dried ingredients. Lavender infused honey adds a little something extra when drizzled over baked goods, cheese, or mixed in with Earl Grey (we're a bit addicted to London Fogs these days).

Strain the lavender buds after a few days and this honey can be used almost indefinitely if stored in an airtight container and kept in a dry, cool place, out of sunlight.

Step 1: BoM

Dried culinary lavender

Honey (local is best)

Sterilized airtight container

1 tsp of dried herb per 1/4 cup of honey is a good ratio.

Step 2: Infusion Method 1

There are a couple ways you can infuse honey. The first is to pour your honey into a pot and warm it up over low heat and then add the lavender and stir. This helps get the lavender mixed in really well.

Step 3: Infusion Method 2

The second method is just to pour the dried lavender into your honey jar and stir or turn upside down every day for 5-7 days.

Step 4: Infuse

Store your honey in an airtight container out of the sun. Let it infuse for 5-7 days before using. When the honey is ready, you can either warm up the jar and strain the lavender out or use as is (but it's generally recommended to strain).



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