Lavender Infused Sugar

Introduction: Lavender Infused Sugar

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This is a great sugar infusion that can be made with dry or fresh lavender. A fantastic additive to your baking, cooking, and teas. Infused sugars also make great gifts!

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Step 1: BoM


Culinary Lavender (dried or fresh)

Coffee filter

Air tight container

Step 2: Lavender

Because this is an infusion and I don't particularly care for biting into lavender buds, I put the dried lavender into a coffee filter and secure it with a twist tie. I used about 2 tbs for 1 1/2 cups of sugar.

You can use fresh lavender and put it directly into the sugar. The sugar will dry out and preserve the fresh lavender. I have a hard time finding fresh culinary grade lavender, so I stick with dried.

Step 3: Sugar

Fill your container about halfway with sugar and then add your lavender. Fill the rest of the way and close. Give a couple shakes and then set aside to infuse.

Step 4: Infuse

Let the lavender infuse the sugar for a week or so before use. Every day or two, give the container a shake. You can continue adding more sugar to the jar as you run low, just make sure to mix it up and spread the new sugar around.

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