Lawn Creatures

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These are some creatures I have guarding my yard for me.

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Step 1: Finding Items to Use

When I go to garage sales I am always looking for items to use in future creatures. A lot of the time the hardware is already rusty and fairly cheap because they just want to get rid of it.

Also when I am throwing something out I try to think of other ways it could be used.

At work when new equipment comes it has hex wrenches to assemble. Instead of pitching them they go in my parts to use pile. Along with drillbits that are no longer useable.

Step 2: My Favorites

These next three creatures are my favorites. I will explain some the parts used to inspire you to make your own.

Step 3: Shovel Scorpion

This is Shovel Scorpion.

A shovel was used as his head. For his claws some scissors were used. The eyes were just some round objects that looked good. The spine uses what looks to be some shelving brackets and some nuts on the top. A gear decorates the end of the tail with a blade. The feet are some bolts and wrenches.

Step 4: Gearhead Centipede

This is Gearhead Centipede.

For the head a gear was used along with tubes for eyes. He only has one antenna now that is made from a knob and bolt, the other broke off and got lost in a move. A pliers worked well for his mouth. A curved wrench was used for the neck. Electrical boxes made a good body. The legs are the hangers you would see in the store holding items on the shelf.

Step 5: Chain the Dragon

This is Chain the Dragon.

A scissors was for the main part of the head. Sockets for the eyes, a bit for the nose. The eyebrows were from a hoe. For the body a chain was used. Conduit clamps were used for the claws. The tail was decorated with some shims.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    these look awsome, great addition to your garden. I love the scorpion.

    computer freak3

    3 years ago

    those are too kool great reuse of old rusted tools i love the scorpin thank you for sharin