Lawn Mower Catcher Herb Garden




Introduction: Lawn Mower Catcher Herb Garden

I wanted to make my own herb garden but didn't want to pay lots of money and wanted something funky. I ended up looking for something at a second hand store here in Christchurch New Zealand and found some lonely lawn mower catchers for $1. I thought this would work great, it is both funky and cheap.

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Step 1: Plastic Lid to Catch Water

Find plastic lid that will fit under lawn mower catcher or anything that will hold water well

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill 3 rows of 6 holes into bottom of your lawn mower catcher. Use 6.5 mm drill bit

Step 3: Place on Lid

Place lawn mower catcher on plastic lid

Step 4: Fill With Potting Mix

Fill lawn mower catcher with potting mix

Step 5: Sew Seeds

Sew in seeds or plant some herbs of choice and water

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    This is great. You should enter this in the "Reclaimed" contest that is currently running.


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    Thanks :) Just entered