Lawnfixer, a 3D Printed Gardening Tool for Lawn Care




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Intro: Lawnfixer, a 3D Printed Gardening Tool for Lawn Care

A 3D-printed garden tool, mounted on a broomstick, to repair dead patches in your lawn.
Aeration, Verticutting & Overseed in one. Proportional grass seed dispenser.

Having a small garden in the city of Antwerp I noticed some lawn spots., dead patches in my garden. Caused by varies reasons such as too much or too less sun, pets, soil problems, ...

The conventional way to repair lawn spots is using a lot of garden tools and manipulations such as : spade, aerator rake, star tiler, .. So i wanted to shortcut all of these tools in one, and most of important, not to damage the existing plants/grass.

And so lawnfixer was created, all-in-one garden tool : plow, aerate and overseed.

Two ways to use (see the video) : A. the soft way : Scratch & Seed. B. the hard way : Plow & Strew.

Advantages : - optimal use of seeds. - healthy grass around lawn spots are not destroyed.

You can download the file and print it yourself for non-commercial use.

Notice : it is designed with the design rules for SLS printing, but perhaps you can modify the model yourself for your type of 3D printer.

Meanwhile I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for injection moulding of the model.



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    3 years ago

    You really should be pulling plugs. The tool now compacts the soil