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Hello everyone. First Instructable so please be kind!

About two years ago the self propel cable on my Toro lawnmower snapped. Instead of ordering a new one I did some DIY which worked out pretty nicely until a couple of days ago. The cable snapped again! So this time around I figured I could share with the world how to save some cash and repair their own lawnmowers (or just about anything that uses cable tension to operate) at home.

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Step 1: The Idea Behind It

This isn't a perfect system but it gets the job done.

So basically what you will be doing is using aluminium crimps to extend a new section of cable to the pull bar.

In total the parts to do that cost me $1.81.

The cost of a replacement cable for my mower is $14.49.

That is twelve McChickens worth of savings...I mean you make that choice.

In the following steps I'll explain and show to you how to do it.

Also, this repair can be made in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of ordering parts.

Step 2: What You Need

Here's what you need in parts:

  1. Aluminium crips
  2. Section of cable

The crimps and the cables come in different sizes. Try and match the new cable to your old cable. You can always take the broken segment in or cut some off to take into the store. Once you have the cables matched you need to find the right size crimps. I got a 3/32 cable so therefore I got 3/32 crimps.

And for the tools:

  1. Hammer
  2. Pliers with a wire cutter edge(the sharp part closest to the handle)

I got both the crimps and the cable at Lowes.

  • Yes, in the hardware section (don't get lost).
  • Yes, it is okay to ask an employee for help.

If you own a lawnmower I hope you own a hammer and pliers.

Step 3: You Get to Play With a Hammer

First, connect the old cable to your segment of new cable. To do this place both the cables in the crimp at the same time, and strike the flat edge with a hammer.

This is most easily done on the ground.

  • You can always take the pull bar off.
  • You can always have a buddy help.

Step 4: Get the Pull Right

So after you have your cable extended you need to attach it to the pull bar.

The way I decided to do this at the time was to:

First, put another crimp on the new cable.

Then, I looped the rest of the cable through the hole where the original "S" piece went.

Finally, I ran the other end of the new cable in the crimp to close.

Step 5: Test It Out

That's pretty much it! Obviously, there are going to be other ways to do it using this same method so just do what works for you.

The ends of the crushed cables may be sharp so be careful. I cut the excess off of mine.

Its always better to get too much cable than not enough.

I'll try and answer any questions you have in the comments. Have a good day!

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    11 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Awesome instructable! Bought the materials, repaired cable, mower working great again! Many thanks!


    3 years ago

    My lawn mower runs for about 10 minutes and at any given time it will just shut down,now the bottom of tank has some rust marks on it on the bottom,i guess because of cheap tin tank they use,it will start up after about 5 pulls and do the same thing,could it be im losing spark?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    You may have better luck asking around elsewhere! This was a pretty specific fix tutorial. Maybe post to Reddit? Good luck