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Introduction: Layered Flower Hair Clips

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I LOVE making these!!
You are going to need  1/4 yard of silk fabric(or rayon, or polyester).  Anything that seals and melts around the edges when hot will do the trick.  I also recommend cutting a few circles of each at a time(so you can crank em out faster).  You will also need cardstock or cardboard for the cutouts, nylon thread, needle, candle, e6000 Or Loctite glue (or your preference), hair clips and beads or buttons for the middles.  Also, PLEASE be careful when using the candle.  Common sense is key...  If you are afraid to get too close use pliers.  Also, do NOT use the glue while the candle is still lit(it is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE).  I would hate for ya'll to set yourselves on fire...or your clothes...or projects...or all of the above!

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Step 1: Circle Guides

Cut 4 to 5 circles out of thick card stock or cardboard(I used old file folders and double glued them).  Make sure that all circles are different sizes(exacto makes a cutting protractor now...just an fyi).

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Trace the material and cut the circle(FYI that exacto protractor does NOT work on fabric).  Now you need to make 5 cuts into it for the petals.  Try to space them out evenly(it doesn't need to be perfectly spaced...varying it looks better anyway).  Don't cut all the way pictured above.

Step 3: Rounding

Round the edges of your flower next.  
I know there are some instructions on Pinterest and NONE of them(but me) round the edges...
To me if you don't round them the petals look kinda square.

The pictures here are front and back of fabric.

Step 4: Before You Start Melting

It is imperative to make sure you have the back side of your fabric facing you.
This ensures the flowers edges curl the right way. 
This is why I folded the flower like this when melting the edges.

Step 5: It's Melting Time!

Hold over flame(not too close or it will melt like crazy...the key is control)and roll the edges.
The picture shows the melted edge.
If you don't like the shape it took(I didn't on this one) I snipped a bit of the whacked up edge and remelted it.
Also, make sure to get down to the bottom of the cut if you can(so it doesn't fray).
I also used pliers to do the two smallest flowers.
It just got to darn hot for my fingers.
Finished flower base is the last picture here.

Step 6: It's Layering Time!

Now you layer each flower as pictured.
I suggest posing them first to see how you want them.
When you get them how you want them you can do one of two things(or both).
Use the glue of your choice(I suggest Loctite..non smelly), and just stick a bit to each piece so they stay where you want before you start sewing....  Or...  On to next step!

Step 7: It's Sewing Time(LOL)!

If you skipped the glue step then it's time to sew!
I started on top, but you can start in the back if you want. 
Just make sure it is secure and not sliding around at all
If this is for a child the more times you sew it thru the better.
Also, as far as infants and toddlers go....
If they aren't into messing with stuff in their hair, then this should be just fine.
Otherwise, they may eat the fabric, glue, hair barrette, beads or embellishments.
ALWAYS use your best judgement when making ANY hair accessories for young children.

Step 8: Beads...? Yes , Please!

Add some beads to the middle..or buttons...or whatever you want.
Just make sure you sew them thru a few times until they are secure.
The middle part is the funnest part for me.
Endless possibilities there.
I will post some variations at the end of the instructable.

Step 9: Attaching....

I used E6000 glue the first time I made these. 
I am going to say this about it... 
It STAYS put, but it stinks very badly and is toxic when drying. 
It has no smell afterwards. 
I now use Loctite indoor safe for all my projects.
The hair clip shown is not the one I actually ended up going with.
I choose the same style, but they had three small holes in it.
After it was glued down and fully dry I went back and sewed it down just for good measure.
Better safe than sorry I always say!

Step 10: Yeah for Variations!!

Two more variations for the middle of the flower.
I made the button on the right(an entirely different Instructable for that in the near future).

The other picture is of a tiny flower ring I made.
Every thing is the same except the number of bases and size of the circles used....
I secured it to a jump ring that fit my finger with glue and thread.

I hope you enjoyed this one.
If there are any questions feel free to drop me a line!

Also....  If I won the laser I would be cutting designs into T-shirts.  
Making flowers like pictured below....  
I would get back into glass etching.  
I think I am going to look it up and see if it cuts all the way thru glass.....  
If it does I might start making some lamps too!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a lovely creation! I like the way you outlined the petals! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Gorgeous! Etsy shop? (p.s. the laser doesn't do glass. . . . I tried. oops! )


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank ya chicka!
    I actually don't have one yet...
    I've been debating it....
    Do you have one? If so is it easy to set up?
    Darn! That's ok... Good to know!