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Introduction: Layered Swirl Earrings

I wanted to try out this layered swirl earrings which I had been thinking over since the Jewelry contest came up.Finally I managed to do it.Yes! my idea worked out well,and it is quiet easy to make.So go ahead and try it out.

Step 1: Requirements

What you need to make this pair of Earings

Craft wire

Glass beads in two colors

Round nose plier

Wire cutting Plier

A pair of earring Hooks

3 Rods -in different sizes -I have used a knife sharpaner and two screw drivers

Step 2: Cut Wire

Cut wire in three sizes.The longer you cut,the more beads you need and the earrings will have more swrils

You must cut a little bit longer than the required size,and cut of the excess wire later.

Step 3: Insert the Beads

The longest piece of the wire I cut is 14 inches.

I had a small amount of red beads, so I mixed it with the white glass beads.Fill your wire with beads.When you are filling make a small twist on the other end, to prevent the beads falling.If you want you can do with just one color only.

Step 4: Wrap.. Wrap ..wrap......

The longest piece of wire is wrapped onto the thickest rod. That's the knife sharpener number 1.

The second and third beaded wires have been wrapped on the screw driver.While wrapping make sure that the beads are intact close to each other.Cut the excess wire and using the round nose pliers to twist a small loop on both ends on all three beaded wires.

Step 5: Attatch Together

Attach all three beaded wire rolls together the smallest being on top, by inserting a small piece of wire through the loops on both ends.You can slowly curve the bead rolls to make a nice shape.Once you connect the bead rolls together twist the wire ends together and turn it under so that the wire joins are not visible.(image 4) Please refer images ,you will understand better.

Step 6: Fix the Hooks

Finally fix the Earring hooks and admire your great work.

Thank you for taking time to view my lovely pair of layered swirl Earrings.

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    Zai Rameez
    Zai Rameez

    6 years ago

    Great idea nice ones... :)